Posted 12. Oct 2010 @ 12.00 am

It’s amazing that so many people think that holding on whilst walking on the treadmill is the correct thing to do.  Think how ridiculous it would look if people had to hold on to something wherever they went or whenever they moved about; the mall, the ballgame, walking down the street, playing basketball.

Hanging onto the side rails of a treadmill whilst walking on a steep incline at a fast pace is a waste of time.  You would think people would realise that something was amiss as they struggled to keep pace with the machine – as they hold on for dear life – and maybe slow down or decrease the incline. You must surely realise that holding on to or altering your gait in any way diminishes the effectiveness of the exercise.  So, if you don’t hold on when you walk on a treadmill you will give yourself the best chance to get the most out of your treadmill experience.  When people hold on they are either walking at a pace that’s too fast or on an incline that’s too steep, which leads to other form problems like leaning back.

The treadmill is just a machine and cannot do the exercise for you;  it can’t deliver benefits without you making an effort.  You don’t hold on whilst walking around in life so stop holding on when walking on a treadmill.

Posted 11. Oct 2010 @ 12.00 am

The body is 70% water and therefore drinking water will help transport nutrients and also flush toxins from your body. Many people say that when they drink plenty of water they bloat. That's because your body is not used to getting water, so after a few days, once your brain gets the message that the body is getting water constantly, it will start to release water. Not only will you be healthier and feel better but you will also be leaner as water is a natural diuretic. 

Posted 11. Oct 2010 @ 12.00 am

This is especially for the ladies! It's very important that you realize that doing weight training will "NOT" give you instant massive muscles, no chance, but what a hard and heavy intense weight training session will do is boost your metabolism and help with fat loss..... so please get down on the gym floor amoungst the guys, and shift some steel.

Posted 11. Oct 2010 @ 12.00 am

A very important fact that i find so many people afraid of, is that your diet must include fats. Good fats eat bad fats, they also muscle builders and an energy source, so snack on raw nuts like cashews ,brazils or almonds or have some with each meal. Other good fats are found in organic peanut butter and salmon.

Posted 23. Aug 2010 @ 12.00 am

Remember if you want to lose weight you have to eat more food, as in 5-6 small meals every day and a combination of carbs,fats and proteins.